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$100M+ in Settlements

Including record-setting settlements.

Birth Injury Representation in Dothan, Alabama

From Dothan’s charming downtown to its quiet residential areas, families who experience birth injuries require not just medical support but also dedicated legal assistance to deal with the resulting complexities. They need an ally who understands the legal system and the personal challenges of such incidents.

Birth Injury Lawyers Who Are Doctors, Too

This is the role of the Law Offices of Casey, Hart & Zimmerman. Our practice is distinct because our lawyers are also trained medical professionals. This combination of legal and medical expertise sets us apart and provides an invaluable perspective on birth injury cases. We serve families all over Alabama, bringing compassion, legal knowledge, and dedication to help them seek justice and manage the difficult times ahead.

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$100M+ in Settlements

Including record-setting settlements.


Here are just some of the successes* our Lawyers have achieved:


The largest jury verdict ever for medical malpractice in DC. A child who suffered brain damage and cerebral palsy due to the failure of her doctors and nurses.


Oregon jury verdict for a baby who suffered with cerebral palsy because the nurse delayed calling the doctor after a uterine rupture.


Ohio settlement for a brain damaged baby.


Settlement for a baby in Oregon born with cerebral palsy, and mental retardation due to a delay in delivery.


Recovery for a child born in Maryland who has cerebral palsy due to mismanaged labor and delivery.


Recovery in a wrongful birth action for a child with a congenital birth defect due to a misread prenatal sonogram.

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Navigating Birth Injury Litigation in Dothan, Alabama

Understanding the landscape of Alabama’s legal system is crucial when dealing with a birth injury case. Families seeking reparations for injuries sustained need to grasp the state-specific legal regimes governing medical malpractice and personal injury claims.

Statute of Limitations in Alabama

One of the initial considerations in pursuing a birth injury lawsuit in Alabama is the statute of limitations. Typically, Alabama law mandates a two-year deadline post-injury for filing medical malpractice claims. Nevertheless, this period may vary when the victim is a minor, sometimes allowing a longer duration to file a lawsuit. These legal intricacies emphasize engaging with an informed attorney to safeguard your legal rights.

Establishing Fault in Birth Injury Litigation

To win a birth injury case in Alabama, you must prove that medical negligence took place. This requires showing that the involved healthcare providers strayed from the standard of care expected in their professional duties, directly causing the injury. Usually, testimony from medical experts is essential to establish these facts, underscoring the need for legal professionals proficient in law and medical terminologies.

Understanding Damage Caps in Alabama

Alabama imposes specific limits on the amount of compensation that can be claimed in medical malpractice cases, including birth injuries. Knowing these restrictions is vital for setting appropriate expectations regarding potential compensation. An adept birth injury lawyer in Dothan, Alabama, will guide you through these statutory limitations, striving for the highest feasible compensation within the legal parameters.

The Importance of Expert Legal Help

Expert legal representation is essential, given the complexity of Alabama’s laws and the detailed nature of medical malpractice cases. A proficient birth injury lawyer in Dothan will effectively manage the statute of limitations, gather indispensable medical evidence, and craft a persuasive argument proving negligence. Additionally, a lawyer with a deep understanding of Alabama’s legal intricacies can adeptly address damage caps and restrictions issues, ensuring a well-prepared and compliant claim for your family.


working with a Lawyer Who is a Doctor Too.

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Understanding Huntsville Legal Guidelines for Birth Injury Claims

Time Limits for Filing a Claim in Dothan

One key legal aspect to consider in any birth injury case is the statute of limitations. Generally, in Alabama, families have two years from the date of the injury to file a medical malpractice claim. However, if the injured party is a minor, the rules may differ, potentially providing more time to start legal proceedings. These special exceptions highlight the importance of consulting with a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer to ensure that your family’s rights are fully protected.

Establishing Fault in Birth Injury Lawsuits

For a birth injury claim in Alabama to be successful, it is crucial to prove that medical negligence took place. This means showing that the healthcare providers did not follow the accepted standard of care, and this failure directly caused the injury. Usually, testimonies from medical experts are necessary to confirm these points. This underscores the need for legal and medical expertise in handling such complex cases.

Limits on Compensation in Dothan

The state of Alabama has specific rules concerning the amount of damages that can be obtained in medical malpractice and birth injury cases. Knowing these limits is critical for setting realistic expectations regarding compensation. An experienced birth injury lawyer in Huntsville, Alabama, can guide you through these legal intricacies and strive for the maximum compensation allowed under state laws.

The Importance of Expert Legal Help

Given the complexity of Alabama’s legal regulations and the detailed nature of medical malpractice laws, professional legal representation is invaluable. An expert birth injury lawyer in Huntsville will manage the statute of limitations, gather necessary medical evidence, and build a strong case proving negligence. Additionally, a lawyer who is well-versed in the specific legal environment of Alabama can effectively navigate through any limitations on damages, ensuring your claim is substantive and adheres to state legal standards.


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How Gershon, Willoughby & Getz Handle Birth Injury Cases in Dothan, Alabama

At Gershon, Willoughby & Getz, we handle birth injury cases with a steadfast focus on quality, compassion, and expertise. Recognizing the significant impact a birth injury can have on a family, we employ a detailed and empathetic approach to overcoming these complicated cases.

Thorough Case Analysis

Our approach begins with a complete analysis of your case. We closely examine medical records, consult medical professionals, and collect all vital evidence to establish a solid foundation. This careful attention ensures we fully grasp the details of your case, enabling us to represent you effectively.

Medical and Legal Expertise

Our firm is distinct because we combine medical and legal knowledge. Our team includes attorneys who are also doctors, providing rare medical insight in the legal field. This expertise allows us to accurately evaluate medical evidence, engage with top medical experts, and explain complex medical issues clearly to a court.

Custom Legal Strategy

We understand that every family’s situation is different. As such, we craft our legal strategies to match your specific needs and goals. Whether you aim to gain compensation for medical bills, secure ongoing care for your child, or seek justice for negligence, our strategies are designed to meet your objectives and attain the best result.

Client-Focused Communication

Dealing with a birth injury case can be daunting. That’s why we emphasize transparent, open, and understanding communication with our clients. We keep you well-informed and involved throughout the entire process, from your first meeting with us to the final resolution of your case. We intend to simplify the legal process and minimize stress for you and your family.

Advocating for Justice and Responsibility

Our ultimate goal in every birth injury case is to achieve justice for your family and hold the guilty parties accountable. We strive to secure the total compensation you are entitled to, which includes costs for medical care, rehabilitation, and compensation for pain and suffering. In addition to individual compensation, we aim to promote changes that improve patient safety and prevent future birth injuries.

By trusting Gershon, Willoughby & Getz with your birth injury case in Dothan, Alabama, you choose a team dedicated to your needs and committed to justice.

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Securing Compensation for Birth Injuries in Dothan, Alabama: Protecting Your Child's Future

Recognizing the available forms of compensation for birth injury cases is essential for families who need to provide both immediate and ongoing support for their injured child. In Dothan, Alabama, specialized birth injury lawyers are committed to assisting these families through the complexities of the legal system. Their goal is to obtain a settlement that accurately reflects the full scope of the child’s injuries and their long-term effects.

Understanding the Types of Compensation in Birth Injury Cases

Compensation for birth injuries typically falls into two main categories: economic and non-economic damages, each addressing different consequences of the injury:

  • Economic Damages: These damages are the tangible costs related to the injury. They cover past and future medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, costs for specialized equipment, home modifications, and other necessary expenses for the child’s ongoing care and quality of life.
  • Non-Economic Damages: These damages address the intangible impacts of the injury, such as pain and suffering, diminished enjoyment of life, and the emotional distress experienced by both the child and the family. In Alabama, economic damages are not capped, but non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases might be limited, making skilled legal help vital.

Advocating for Comprehensive Compensation

Lawyers specializing in birth injuries in Dothan are dedicated to ensuring families receive comprehensive compensation. This not only alleviates immediate financial strains but also guarantees long-term support. This process includes:

  • Assessing Long-term Needs: hese legal professionals collaborate with medical specialists, life care planners, and economists to forecast the child’s future requirements. This ensures that the compensation covers continuing medical care, therapies, educational necessities, and any required lifetime accommodations.
  • Maximizing Recovery: Through their medical-legal expertise, these attorneys strongly advocate for the highest possible compensation. This effort includes negotiating with insurance entities and delivering potent arguments in court when needed.
  • Navigating Legal Limits: With a deep understanding of the legal environment in Alabama, birth injury lawyers adeptly handle any restrictions on damages. Their focus is to explore every potential avenue for securing compensation on behalf of the client.

The Role of Settlements and Verdicts

Although many birth injury claims are settled out of court, the dedicated lawyers in Dothan are fully prepared to bring cases to trial to ensure a just outcome for the family. Whether by negotiating settlements or advocating in a courtroom, their primary concern is always to achieve the best possible results for your child and family.

In Dothan, if your family is facing the challenges of a birth injury, seeking the guidance of a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer can be a crucial step in securing a future that accommodates your child’s needs and safeguards their well-being.

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The Guide to Finding the Ideal Birth Injury Lawyer in Dothan, Alabama: A Family's Roadmap

Navigating the complexities of a birth injury case requires patience, understanding, and the right legal expert by your side. In Dothan, Alabama, finding a lawyer who truly understands birth injuries’ medical and legal scopes is crucial. This guide will aid you in choosing a lawyer who can effectively lead your case toward a favorable resolution while keeping your family’s best interests at heart.

Key Characteristics to Look for in a Birth Injury Lawyer

When searching for a birth injury lawyer in Dothan, Alabama, prioritize these essential qualities:

  • Medical and Legal Knowledge: Birth injury cases are complicated and involve detailed medical data. Lawyers with medical experience and legal proficiency offer a notable advantage.
  • Local Case Experience: Choosing a lawyer with a robust history of handling birth injury claims in Dothan is beneficial. Such experience is invaluable for understanding local legal practices and medical standards.
  • Compassion and Client Focus: The ideal lawyer recognizes their role in supporting your family during a trying period. Look for someone compassionate, empathetic, and dedicated to personalized service.
  • Proven Success: A history of favorable outcomes in birth injury claims indicates a lawyer’s effectiveness and commitment.

Questions to Consider When Interviewing Lawyers

To ensure you partner with the best lawyer for your birth injury case in Dothan, Alabama, ask these questions:

  • What is your experience with birth injury cases similar to mine?
  • How do you handle the medical aspects of these cases? Do you work with medical experts?
  • What strategies do you apply specifically in handling cases in Dothan?
  • Can you provide examples of past successes in representing families affected by birth injuries?
  • How will you maintain clear and compassionate communication with us during the case?

Why Choose Our Firm for Your Birth Injury Case in Dothan

Selecting our law firm means choosing a team that has the essential legal and medical expertise and values the well-being of families in Dothan, Alabama. Our blend of doctor-lawyers offers an unparalleled understanding of the medical intricacies, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your case. Our commitment to empathy and client-focused service means we prioritize your family’s needs and objectives. With a proven track record in Alabama, we are dedicated to achieving the best results for the families we represent. By choosing our team, you ensure that your case is in knowledgeable and caring hands.


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Questions to Hunstville Birth Injury Lawyers

What is a birth injury from a legal standpoint?

Legally, a birth injury is any harm that occurs to a newborn due to mistakes or negligence during the delivery process. This might include physical injuries like broken bones or nerve damage or long-term conditions such as cerebral palsy that arise from issues during birth.

How can I tell if my baby's birth injury is a result of medical malpractice?

To claim medical malpractice, you must show that the healthcare provider did not meet the expected standard of care and that this failure directly caused the injury. Indicators can be things like emergency surgeries, the baby showing extreme distress, or diagnoses that suggest a lack of oxygen or physical harm during birth.

What compensation might I receive from a birth injury lawsuit?

Compensation from a birth injury lawsuit may include payments for past and future medical bills, costs for rehabilitation, funds for special education needs, compensation for pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages. The exact amount will vary based on the injury’s severity and ongoing effect on your child’s life.

What steps should I take to initiate a birth injury lawsuit?

The first move is to set up a meeting with a birth injury lawyer. During this meeting, the lawyer can review your situation’s details, evaluate the strength of your malpractice claim, and discuss what actions to take next. It is helpful to bring any medical records or other related documents to aid the lawyer in reviewing your case.

What qualities should I consider when choosing a birth injury lawyer?

When selecting a birth injury lawyer, prioritize finding someone with deep experience in birth injury cases and a record of winning these types of lawsuits. It’s also essential that the lawyer has the necessary resources to take on complicated cases involving medical issues. The right lawyer should be caring, good at communicating, and ensure you understand all parts of the legal process.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a birth injury claim in Alabama?

In Alabama, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases, including birth injuries, generally requires that a lawsuit be filed within two years of the date of the injury. However, exceptions exist, especially for minors, potentially extending this period. It’s crucial to consult with a birth injury lawyer to understand how these timelines apply to your specific case.

How can I tell if my child's injury was due to medical negligence?

Determining medical negligence involves a thorough review of medical records, consultations with medical experts, and a deep understanding of the standard of care expected in similar situations. Our team of doctor-lawyers is uniquely equipped to assess the medical aspects of your case and identify any deviations from accepted medical practices that could constitute negligence.

What types of compensation can we seek in a birth injury lawsuit?

Compensation can cover a range of needs, including past and future medical expenses, rehabilitation and therapy costs, special education services, pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages aimed at punishing egregious negligence. Our goal is to secure comprehensive compensation that addresses all aspects of your child’s and family’s needs.

Will we need to go to court, or can our case be settled out of court?

Many birth injury cases are resolved through settlements before reaching trial, which can be less stressful and time-consuming for families. However, if a fair settlement cannot be reached, our team is prepared to advocate vigorously for your rights in court. We always aim to choose the path that serves your family’s best interests and leads to the most favorable outcome.

How does the contingency fee structure work?

Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning our fees are contingent upon the successful resolution of your case. You will not be charged upfront fees; instead, our compensation is a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount. This arrangement allows families to pursue justice without financial barriers.

Understanding Birth Injuries in Dothan, Alabama: Types and Impacts.

Birth injuries can overshadow the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world, leaving families with many questions and concerns. In Dothan, Alabama, where every family moment is profoundly valued, understanding the nature and impact of birth injuries is critical. This knowledge is a significant first step towards healing and seeking justice.

What is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury refers to any physical harm that occurs to a newborn during the labor and delivery process. These injuries can range from mild, which might need minimal treatment, to severe, possibly causing lifelong disabilities. The emotional and financial impact on affected families is substantial, making it vital to have access to adequate knowledge and support.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

Families in Dothan, Alabama, and beyond should be aware of several prevalent birth injuries, which include:

  • Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral Palsy encompasses a group of disorders that affect movement, muscle tone, and posture. This condition is often related to a lack of oxygen to the brain during birth. Children with Cerebral Palsy may require specialized care throughout their lives, impacting family resources and emotional well-being.
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries: Brachial Plexus injuries involve damage to the nerves that send signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand. This type of injury can occur from complications such as shoulder dystocia during childbirth and result in temporary or permanent loss of function in the affected limbs.
  • Erb’s Palsy: Erb’s Palsy is a specific form of Brachial Plexus injury. It typically causes weakness or paralysis in the arm and can significantly affect a child’s ability to perform everyday tasks independently.
  • Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE): HIE is characterized by brain dysfunction caused by reduced blood flow and oxygen to an infant’s brain at birth. The long-term effects can include developmental delays and neurological issues.
  • Neonatal Stroke: Neonatal stroke occurs when there is a disruption in blood flow to an infant’s brain. This can lead to damage that might manifest in physical and cognitive developmental issues as the child grows.

The Impact of Birth Injuries

The effects of a birth injury extend beyond the newborn’s immediate physical health. Families may face emotional distress and financial burdens due to ongoing medical costs and the potential need for special education services. Understanding these impacts helps in advocating for the child’s rights and well-being.

Fighting for Compensation with a Birth Injury Lawyer in Dothan, Alabama

When a birth injury occurs, families in Dothan must seek the guidance of a knowledgeable Birth Injury Lawyer. Pursuing compensation can help manage medical bills, ongoing care costs, and provide for the child’s future needs. If you suspect your child’s injury was caused by medical malpractice, a qualified lawyer in your area can offer the necessary legal support and advice.


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Questions & Answers on Symptoms and Malpractice Related to Birth Injuries

Recognizing Symptoms of Birth Injuries

Watch for symptoms in your child, such as delays in speaking, trouble with walking or crawling, poor muscle control, and issues with vision or hearing. For older children, look for problems with fine motor skills and cognitive or physical development delays. Always consult a healthcare provider if you notice anything unusual.

Identifying Signs of Malpractice

Potential signs of malpractice include the incorrect use of delivery tools, excessive force during delivery, or failure to respond to fetal distress. If you suspect malpractice played a role in your child’s injury, it might be essential to speak with a Birth Injury Lawyer in Dothan, Alabama.

Diagnosing Conditions Like Cerebral Palsy and Erb’s Palsy

These conditions are usually diagnosed through physical exams, imaging tests, and monitoring the child’s development over time. Early and accurate diagnosis can lead to better management of the condition.

Steps to Take After Noticing Symptoms

If you observe potential symptoms of a birth injury in your child, the first step is to consult a doctor for an in-depth evaluation. If the injury could be related to malpractice, discussing your situation with a Birth Injury Lawyer in Dothan can be crucial.

For personalized advice, always turn to medical and legal professionals who understand the complexities of your specific case.

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When dealing with the devastating and complicated nature of a birth injury, the necessity for knowledgeable and empathetic legal support cannot be overstated. In Dothan, Alabama, a region characterized by varying legal and community backgrounds, it is essential to have an advocate who understands both the medical complexities and legal nuances involved in birth injury lawsuits.

Navigating the Legal Complexities

Birth injury cases are inherently emotional and laden with intricate medical and legal issues. Understanding the expected standard of care during childbirth, pinpointing where this standard was not met, and connecting that failure to the resulting injury demands in-depth knowledge of medical practices and Alabama’s legal frameworks. A proficient birth injury lawyer can deftly manage these complexities, turning detailed medical information into persuasive legal arguments.

The Dual Expertise Advantage

At Gershon, Willoughby, & Getz, our team stands out due to a unique combination of medical and legal expertise. Our attorneys, who are also trained doctors, possess a deep understanding of the medical issues related to birth injuries. This dual expertise enables us to examine medical records thoroughly, engage with top medical specialists, and effectively articulate complex medical scenarios during legal proceedings. This gives our clients in Dothan a significant edge.

Advocating for Full Compensation

The impact of a birth injury can extend to all areas of a child’s and family’s life. Exceptional legal representation is vital to ensure all aspects are considered when seeking compensation. This includes costs for immediate and ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, special education, compensation for pain and suffering, and potentially punitive damages. An adept attorney will fight for a comprehensive compensation package that meets the child’s and family’s immediate and future needs.

Personalized Legal Strategy

No two birth injury cases are the same. Each has unique conditions, difficulties, and consequences. More than a generic approach will be required. Top-notch legal representation involves devising a personalized legal strategy that reflects the case’s specific facts, the needs of the child and family, and the particularities of Alabama law. This tailored plan ensures that legal actions align with the family’s objectives and the child’s best interests.

When faced with a birth injury in Dothan, Alabama, having expert legal representation is critical to address not only the immediate legal challenges but also the long-term repercussions for the family and child.

If you've experienced a birth injury, Gershon, Willoughby & Getz is the team partner you want on your side.

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